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'Stabila' levels are unparalleled with regard to their accuracy and dependability

Stabila 196 Heavy Duty Level

24" 196 Heavy Duty Level

  • Certified Level Accuracy

  • Guaranteed for life

  • Rubberized hand grips for comfort and grip

Stabila 196 Heavy Duty Level

48" 196 Heavy Duty Level

  • Bright easy to read vials will no leak, break fog or require re-calibration

  • Large metal hang hole to store the level up and off work space

  • Electrostatic enamel finish: baked on tough, cleans up with water and brush

24" Stabila Magnetic Level

24" Magnetic Level

  • For hands free operation and are guaranteed to be accurate for life

  • Magnets are flush mounted in the measuring surface

  • Vials read the same in all positions and deliver a certified level accuracy

48" Magnetic Level

  • Magnets are flush mounted in the measuring surface

  • Unique vials design is bright and easy to read. It will not break, leak or fog

  • Shock-absorbing endcaps prevent slipping on walls 

Stabila Magnetic Level

24" or 48" Magnetic Electronic Level

  • Measuring accuracy of the vials in vial up or vial down position

  • IP65 dust and waterproof

  • Displays on the side and top light up and are easily viewed from any position

  • Uses 2-AA batteries

48" 196-2 K Masons Level

  • Tough aluminum frame with two patented strikes zones to protect from repeated hits of a trowel

  • Reinforcing ribs on the frame for added strength and grip

  • Precision-milled measuring surface

Stabila Magnetic Electronic Level
Stabila R-Beam Level

48" R-Beam Level

  • Strong twist resistant frame that has the profile/shape of the letter "R"

  • Wide measuring surface for great stability or grip on the work

  • Coated measuring surfaces protect delicate surfaces

  • Rubber end caps engage the wall when making pencil lines so the level does not slide or leave marks

Stabila 196-2 K Masons Level

For additional information on Stabila products, including downloadable brochures, product directories and more- please visit their website at:

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