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tampico brush with 8 inch handle

Tampico Brush w/ 8" Handle

  • White tampico bristles set in high-tensile strength foam plastic block

  • Will not absorb water

  • Item code: B302

tampico brush with 20 inch handle

Tampico Brush w/ 20" Handle 

  • Long handle acid brush

  • Plastic Tampafil bristles set in high-tensile strength foam plastic block

  • Recommended for use in acid solutions to clean mortar from bricks and concrete from wood, metal and tools

  • Item code: B403

Tampico bucket brush

6" Tampico Bucket Brush

  • Cleaning brush with 6" wood handle

  • Made of 5 rows of 4" long white tampico bristles

  • Wood block measures 6.5" x 2" 

  • Item code: TBR

beaver tail brush for dusting off concrete

Beaver Tail Brush

  • Made with black horsehair fibers set into clear lacquered hardwood block

  • One standard size with hang-hole handle

  • Ideal for getting a quality finish on concrete surfaces

  • Item code: 16517

masonry brush for cleanin mortar off stone

Masonry Brush

  • Bristles made of white Tampico fiber set securely into a hardwood block

  • 3.5" bristle length

  • Designed to be an easy-to-use tool for your cleaning needs

  • Item code: 16520

masons acid brush for concrete

Mason's Acid Brush

  • Made dense to hold large amounts of acid solution, creating an easier way to clean mortar from brick

  • Brush comes with a hole for a standard tapered broom handle or threaded handle

  • Size: 8.25" x 3"with 1.25" long white Tampico fiber bristles

  • Item code: 16526

Heavy Duty Acid Brush for masonry

Heavy Duty Acid Brush

  • Made with 3" long Tampico and stiff Palmyra fibers cemented and bound into hardwood block

  • Perfect tool for cleaning mortar from brick, concrete from wood, or mud/concrete from your tools

  • Handle sold separately 

  • Item code: 16526

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