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Gillis Quarries Limited was incorporated in 1922. Founded in 1910 by August Gillis, this fourth generation company is built on industry-leading customer service, product quality and need satisfaction.

Gillis Quarries began on a small scale and has grown over the last 100 years into one of Canada’s largest dimensional stone quarries, specializing in the fabrication of Tyndall Stone®, a wonderfully unique, mottled, fossilized, natural stone.  This rare dolomitic limestone deposit has given birth to some of the most beautiful buildings in modern history.

Canada is the only source in the world for this stone, geologically referred to as the Upper Mottled Limestone of the Red River Formation of the Ordovician System of the Paleozoic Era.

Tyndall, three course 80, 180, 280mm, Ru
Tyndall, Wellington Series.jpg

Wellington Series

  • Available in single course heights of 90mm and 190mm

  • Thin bed with a sawn face finish: Sleek, Sawn, Contemporary

  • Complete the look with sills and L-Corners

  • Available in 'Grey" colour range

Douglas Stone Series

  • Available in single course heights of 57mm, 90mm, 123mm and 190mm. Plus a three course ashlar pattern

  • Introducing 'Ridgestone' a striking new ledgestone

  • Perfect on its' own or as an accent to other thin brick/stone claddings

  • All thin bed with a split finish

  • Available in 'Grey" or "Mixed" colour range


To view Gillis Quarries full product offerings visit their website at:

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